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Continuing The Yarn

I’ve been working on a fairly large project for a while…a cross between a throw and a bedspread. I’ve let it slumber for the last month or so,  but picked it up again this week, and did some quality knitting on it. It’s about 4 ft across at the moment, and I’m aiming for 6 feet. Unfortunately, it’s round, which means that instead of being 2/3 of the way done, I’m 4/9 of the way done.

On the one hand, this project feels somewhat endless…like I’m not getting anywhere with it…it just keeps eating balls of yarn, and doesn’t seem to grow much bigger. At the same time, I can get through a ball of yarn in not that long…maybe three or four hours of knitting. You would think I would learn to keep an extra ball of yarn with me for when I run out of the ball I’m working on, but I haven’t been. And at the moment being in Salem killing some time before an interfaith service this evening, I don’t have access to the yarn, so will switch projects again. Nonetheless, this time I will try to keep moving on this project once I get home.

I have 4 projects going at the moment, and they are all feeling a touch endless. I sort of want some quick projects that I can just whip out quickly, but feel like I need to finish some of the others before I move onto anything new.

All in all, it’s a quiet afternoon at the Temple, I’ve got a slight headache, and 45 more minutes to kill before heading over to an interfaith service. Then I get to go home and crash.