General spirituality

A New Hope

I am overflowing this morning. I am filled with a sense of gratitude and wonder. I am filled by a sense of hope. I am filled by a sense of patriotism which I have not felt in a long time.

The election of Barrack Obama yesterday is not does not simply signify a move away from Republican policies and attitudes (though it does signify that as well), but marks a new era for America. Not because Barrack is an African-American, but because he, like another president, almost 50 years ago, represents a bright new face on the scene, a new attitude and a new vision. 

Barrack Obama truly seems to be coming from a less partisan place. He is not of the Democratic Party establishment as Hilary would have been. He has spent only 4 years in congress. He brings with him less baggage, more hope. 

I am filled this morning with the hope that our country will begin to heal from the vicious bifurcation we have suffered at the hands of our political leaders over the past decades. I am filled with a hope that we have elected president a person who will lead us past the petty differences that divide us, and help us to see the deep connections which bind us together as one country, one people.

I am filled with a new sense of possibility, that perhaps the age of American relevance is not quite at an end. I begin to hope that this economic downturn perhaps will not be seen as the beginning of the fall of the American Empire, but maybe even the start of a new golden age of peace and sustainability (note: I did not say “peace and prosperity”). I am filled this morning with the hope that we will be able to move forward as a country rather than endlessly running around in circles. 

This morning, I believe that a new age may be dawning for us. We will have a president who is a pleaure to listen to, whether or not we agree with his ideas. Once again, rhetoric, in the best possible sense, will be a part of public discourse. 

This morning feels like it belongs to a different world than did yesterday morning, and it feels like a better world.