My Pink Jacket

I’ve started a new project for myself. It’s a pink outerwear jacket. It’s the Danbury Knitted Sweater Jacket. You can find out more about on ravelry here. I’ve now knit up the first foot of the back about 4 times, and frogged it each time trying to get both gauge and a good texture. The most recent version, just before I frogged it, looked like this:

The stockinette gauge was ok, but the ribbing was too large. So out it came, and I’m starting the ribbing now with size 5 needles to go with the size 7 needles on the stockinette. The pattern actually calls for 10.5 needles for the stockinette and 9 for the ribbing, but I’m using a much heavier yarn, I think.

I’m really loving this yarn (bought it at a destashing sale (yarn equivalent of a garage sale). It means I have to describe the yarn, rather than simply tell you the brand, etc. So they yarn is wool, fairly variable in weight, without much twist to it. At times, it almost seems like it wasn’t so much spun as drawn. Very soft, in light pink with streaks of purple running through it. The weight is varying widely from very thin (almost a fingering weight, to extremely chunky. It’s a pleasure to knit with.

I just finished casting on for my next go round. We’ll see whether I can actually keep what I knit this time.