General humor

Walking in the Rain

As many of you no doubt know, and more of you have no doubt forgotten, my theoretical form of exercise is walking to work. I say theoretical not because this doesn’t count as exercise when I walk to work, but rather because it doesn’t count as exercise when I “theoretically” walk to work. And for the past month or so, there has been rather a lot of the “theoretical” walking to work (unless walking the 4 blocks to the bus stop counts…and I really don’t think it does).

Yesterday and today, however, I walked to work. Braving gray skies, and even drizzle today, I walked. I am back in my exercising groove (or at least getting there).

For those of you who don’t know me in person, and may not be acutely aware that I live in Porland, Oregon, or what that entails, you may be asking, “it’s raining, why not just take the bus when it rains?” (The rest of you, stop giggling; Not nice to make fun of the uninformed).  The thing is, it is supposed to rain in Oregon from roughly mid-October to roughly mid-March. Not quite all the time…we get about a week off in February for good behavior. But other than that, it traditionally rains all winter. At least part of every day. Therefore, if I chose not to walk on the wet days, I wouldn’t walk at all during the winter. That’s just not a healthy way of life. So I walk in the rain.

The good news about walking in the rain is that most often the rain is not particularly hard. A good gortex raincoat and your pretty much ready to go (except for the spotty glasses). And it’s not too cold. Way better than walking in the snow.  And the big payoff, of course, is the spring flowers. Which should begin showing up about a month from now. Which is what makes the Oregon winter so worthwhile.


Too Sedentary

I wish that I were one of those people for whom exercise is greatly satisfying. There are people who come back from a workout, and say, “wow, that was a great workout, I feel great.” I come back from a workout and say, “wow, in about 10 minutes I bet I’ll be able to breathe without feeling like I’m about to heave up a lung, that’ll feel great.” It’s just not the same thing, and doesn’t positively reinforce exercise.

I’ve tried walking and running. I’ve played squash and ridden exercise bikes. I’ve tried biking. I just don’t get excited by exercise. But I also recognize that exercise is absolutely vital to keeping myself healthy as I age. It’s not one of those things that is easily added into one’s life when one hits 50 or 60. Rather, it will have the most benefit if one continuously exercises from a young age. Or in my case, from middle age. So I’m working on trying to get into an exercise routine.

At this point, “working on trying to get into an exercise routine” seems to consist on publicly declaring my intention to exercise regularly (which is  what this blog post is).  The vaguely spring-like weather we’ve been experiencing this week is a bit of an encouragement to me to try to get out more. Maybe to think about walking to work one day a week (probably shouldn’t be a day I’m working in Salem). Slowly, slowly I will reform my behavior.

Hopefully, as you continue to watch this space, new and exciting news about exercise will pop up from time to time.