I’ve Been Gone a While

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Like a couple years. And I’ve been meaning to write for a bit now, but some technical difficulties intruded: I couldn’t log-in to the site. Now, after some technical support (thank you, Eva), I’m back.

So, what have I been doing since I wrote here? Well, I’m now working as the rabbi at Cedar-Sinai Park, a Jewish assisted living community and nursing home. I find the work deeply fulfilling and varied, everything from leading services to counseling those who are dying to teaching classes. And nothing makes you feel younger than working with a population whose children tend to be in their sixties.

In other updates, I’ve done some traveling, some photography (often together). Hey, want to see a blue footed booby? Look here:

Blue-footed Booby
Blue-footed Booby


I’ve been doing various kinds of work-like things: weddings, funerals, bar/bat mitzvah, some writing, some teaching.

And, time after time, I’ve thought that’s a great idea for a blog post, and then done nothing about it. So I’m hoping to be blogging more regularly again, putting forward a little bit of this and that. Putting out the ideas that make up my days and my life. A little Judaism, a little spirituality, a little photography, a little humor (as Eva might say, a very little bit of humor).

For now, though, the important thing is that the words are once again going on the (web)page, and being put out for your perusal.

General WorkPlace Spirituality

Preparing to Return to Life

No, I’m not talking about resurrection. But as some of you may have noticed, I’ve been gone for a bit.

For the last month, with the exception of about 4 nights, I’ve been out of town. Shortly, I’ll be coming back, checking back in to “real life.” I’ve got to say, I think I’m ready. I needed a break, but it will be good to get back in the swing of things.

This weekend is the last of the out of town stuff. I’m going up to Mt. Ranier area to perform a wedding for a couple. It should be fun, and beautiful. It will also be a nice transition between vacation and working: working in a vacation setting. Next week, it’s back to the real world.

Next week begins the job search in a more targeted way. Next week I begin to dig out from underneath the piles of emails I’ve allowed to accumulate. Next week it’s back to networking and meeting folks, and figuring out what comes next.

I’m definitely facing this transition with some ambivalence. I’m ready to move forward, tired of feeling like I’m sitting still. Yet, as with all transitions, there is some fear about what the future holds. Nonetheless, without some fear, there is little sense of accomplishment. If we stay within our comfort zones, we aren’t stretching to achieve as much as we can. It’s time to stretch again: career yoga, if you will.

And so, once more into the breach, and we’ll see what the future brings.