General knitting shabbat

Sum up of the Week

So we’re heading into Shabbat, and I haven’t posted all week. So the quick recap:

The gloves I was working on to have done by Monday evening?

Looks pretty good, right? Just need to weave in the ends.
Unfortunately, here’s the left hand:

Fail!  Note the lack of a thumb, and there’s no mitten shell either. (It’s almost done now).

Other projects I’ve been working on this week: trying to learn Drupal. This has involved spending most of three days trying to install web servers on various computers, which led to installing various forms of Linux on two computers, repartitioning various hard drives, and basically wasting at least 15 hours.

Also, spent about 56 hours at CubeSpace and did 2 wedding meetings.

I’m delighted that the week is over, and very much looking forward to a shabbat of rest and “Moonlighting” (the TV show, not adding another job).

knitting spirituality

Knitting to a Deadline

I’m knitting to a deadline at the moment, something I haven’t done in a few years. It makes for an interesting change of pace. It makes the knitting somehow different, a bit more of a competition against time. I wouldn’t want to do this all the time, but as an occasional thing, I’m kind of enjoying the challenge (check in again next Monday as the deadline comes due to see whether I’m still enjoying the challenge).

The project is a pair of Broad Street Mittens, which is a pattern I’ve knit several times before (though the only time I blogged about it was apparently here). In this case, I’m knitting them up for my MIL, and hoping to send them with Eva next week. It’s a pattern I like, and have finished a mitten in about a week, so it’s not completely unreasonable. 

Here’s where I am now:  

As you can see, the first mitten is not quite done yet. Which is a bit of problem. But I’m gettting there, and I do believe I have a chance at making this work. 

Recently, a lot of my knitting has been fairly long-term. The kind of project (like an afgan) where you will finish at some point, but that point may be months away. This project is a concentrated sprint, which is making for a change…a sense of a push. It’s bringing a challenge to my knitting I haven’t felt in a while.  It’s not the challenge of a new technique, nor of stretching my brain, but a challenge of time: can I complete this work in a fixed time. 

For now, it’s fun, and I’m delighted to be racing against the clock. We’ll check in about that again next week.

General knitting spirituality

Not Knitting So Much

I haven’t been knitting as much recently as usual. I’m not sure what that’s abou, though I suspect the heat may contribute to it, at least a little. There’s something about hot weather that makes sitting with a heavy woolen piece of knitting on my lap seem unappealing. Also, when it’s hot, my hands get somewhat sweaty, and the yarn doesn’t flow through my fingers right.

Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is, I’m not knitting much, which is a bit of a problem, since knitting is one of the things I do to relax and gather my thoughts. Which means I probably need some lighter-weight projects that are better suited for summer.

A couple of projects I might cast on are:

  1. Broad street mittens. Some mittens I agreed to make someone, and just received the yarn for. I made a bunch of these last summer, and they are in fact great summer knitting because the yarn is fairly thin, and you never wind up with so much of an expanse of knitting that it winds up draped over your lap.
  2. A shawl. Haven’t figured out which shawl yet (though I am thinking of this one). But I did just finish a big shawl, and am unsure that I want to get involved in another one quite so quickly. Besides, even though it’s lace, it’s woolen lace, in a merino yarn, which may block out to be pretty lacy, but probably won’t be quite so light-weight while I’m knitting it.

So, for the moment, I remain like a donkey stuck between two piles of food, unsure of which way to go.