Anniversaries: You're Doing it Wrong

Tomorrow is Eva and my wedding anniversary. In what is a remarkably common experience for us, we are spending it apart from one another. Eva’s already in Boston, and I’m getting on a plane tomorrow, not to arrive until 12:15 AM the following day.

If nothing else happens, this will go down as a “so-so” anniversary for us. Much better than some others.

On our first anniversary, we watch election returns and learned the concept of a “hanging chad.” We of course didn’t get the results of the 2000 election for many weeks, but eventually, it brought in George W. And it happened on our first anniversary.

During our second anniversary, Eva went to New York to spend time with a dying friend.

During our fifth anniversary, we went to New York together, went to see a great show, came back to the hotel, only to discover that the person staying with our cats had given one of them an entire syringe of topical narcotic pain killer rather than the tiny amount out of the syringe which she was supposed to. We then spent several hours wondering whether this was going to kill our already very  sick cat (it didn’t).

There was the anniversary that we spent apart because I was helping my grandparents move from their home of 54 years to an assisted living facility. That wasn’t such a bad day, but again, not together.

Eva and I have come to the conclusion that it’s okay that our anniversaries tend not be great. We also feel this way about valentines day. Our thought is that given that we tend to do really well the other 363, we can take a pass on those two.

I love you Eva.