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Watching the Pieces Come Together

It’s Friday afternoon, and Shabbat is on the way. I’m doing a last twitter and Facebook check, and I’m noticing something: the pieces are coming together.

I have a friend and colleague who has just realized that she has a special skill which some of us have been encouraging her to capitalize on for a couple of years now. It looks like it just sunk in that she’s good at doing this thing, and she likes it. And that the rest of us aren’t.

The wedding, which has been in the planning stages for months, is now, pretty much fully prepped. The plan is written, and all I have left to do is a little polishing. It’s all coming together. Time to let thing roll, and to take their course.

Often, life feel like a struggle; it feels like we are swimming against the current, trying desperately to make things happen. Then, occasionally, we look around, and see things falling into place. I wonder, how much falls into place on a regular basis without our noticing? How much happens which we just take for granted? Sometimes, I think in our struggle to make things happen, we fail to notice what happens on its own.

Just a quick thought as we head into Shabbat.

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