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Finding the Time for Quiet

In this world we live in, in this day and age, it’s difficult to find time to be quiet and just listen to the world. To take a little time while not “doing” anything, and to let our minds run free, thinking the thoughts we need to think.

Some traditions call this process meditation. Others call it “spacing out.” I used to call it “playing Tetris.” It’s all the same, though. Giving ourselves a little time and space for our minds to process the not quite surface level thoughts. It gives us a chance to raise the not quite conscious thoughts to the level of consciousness. This process gives our brains a chance to solve problems that might stump our conscious minds, or to put together the pieces of our lives in new ways.

I’ve been lax, recently, about carving out time and space for this process. And so, I’m going to try to go back to creating that time, reserving it for quiet reflection about whatever my brain needs to reflect on.

The more suspicious amongst you might suggest that this relates to Eva recently chastising me for bringing up work related questions at bedtime. And there might be a connection. After all, if I don’t do this thinking earlier in the day, my brain does it when I (and Eva) are trying to fall asleep. Whatever the spur, however, it’s a good thing, and an important practice in my life.

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