NaNoWriMo Begins

Ever since Sunday morning rolled around, I’ve been working on my new project: NaNoWriMo. Just a reminder of what that entails: 50,000 words of fiction during the month of November. Which comes out to 1667 words a day. No problem, right?

Except…I’m flying to the East Coast to see family on November 20th. I suspect my writing time during the last third of the month is going to drop off considerably. So, ideally, I’d love to be done by November 20th. Which brings the necessary daily word total to 2500. Still not too bad. I can knock that out in a couple of hours most days probably. Assuming I don’t have to do anything like think about plot.

I write pretty quickly and comfortably. In general, I don’t tend to suffer from writer’s block, per se. When I’m blocked, it’s usually because I don’t know what to write, not that I don’t know how to write it. If I get stuck, it’s going to be because I haven’t figured out where I’m going with the story…and sometimes I just need to take time and do something else while the story works itself out in my mind. Which is normally okay. But I’m on a deadline here.

We’ll see how this goes. If I don’t make the 50,000 words by the end of the month, so it goes. Frankly, I won’t be terribly surprised. It’s an ambitious goal. If I reach the end of the month and have written 50,000 words, and discovered they have no redeeming social importance, I really won’t be surprised. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure I’ll learn something from the process.

I’m thinking I might give out bits and pieces of what I’m writing about here over the course of the month. Basic theme: God confronts Rabbi. Hilarity ensues.

By the way, for anyone keeping track, as of the end of yesterday, I was at 7700 words.