CubeSpace's Saga

So, it’s been abusy  few days, and the best way to catch you up on it is by directing you to some other blog posts. First, I’ll try to tell the story very briefly.

As many of you know, my wife Eva, and I own and run CubeSpace. Last Tuesday, our landlord, US Bank cause a summons to be issued to begin eviction proceedings, to take place on Wednesday (1 week and 1 day later). It took Eva and myself about 2 days to figure out what they were up to, at which point we realized that we and CubeSpace were pretty much finished financially. Friday, around 12:30 PM we posted this letter on the CubeSpace Blog:
That’s when the fun began.

It ignited a twitterstorm. Almost immediately, a website to collect contributions was put up by friends of CubeSpace. Someone else put up an auction site to benefit CubeSpace.  Friday afternoon, this article was posted to the Oregonian’s website, and was printed in the paper on Saturday.

We received a response from US Bank, with some options Friday afternoon around 2:30.

Saturday was not a Shabbat, by any stretch of the imagination. We spent all morning responding to emails, well-wishes, and the like. We put up another blog post with updated information: Eva posted another letter to her personal blog yesterday afternoon: .

This morning, we gathered with a small group of advisors, and we are in negotiations with US Bank. We will  go radio silent about progress until these negotiations are concluded because we are legally bound to be quiet about them until they are concluded.

Again, we are so grateful to everyone for all the support we’ve received. And we’ll update you further in a few days.

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