Writing While Tired

I’m sure I have a great post just waiting to be written, but I can’t figure out what it is. In a nutshell, that sums up my experience of today. Brain† not quite clicking, lots of stuff to get done, but it all seems just out of sight…

BarCamp was wonderful, but 250 people (plus or minus) in CubeSpace for 2 days takes a fair amount out of me (and everyone else). One day off between BarCamp and Monday doesn’t seem to be quite enough for recovery. Leaving me somewhat brainless.

Therefore, I ask your pardon for the lack of scintilating content in this post (all the other posts which lack scinitillating content? I apologize not at all). In the meantime, I hope to wake up and return you all soon to my normal content…whatever that may be.

One reply on “Writing While Tired”

Itís very strange. While BarCamp Portland 3 was easily the best event I attended this year, I noticed that many people (including me) were already exhausted by the middle of the day, while the unconference is only half over.

I wonder why this is? Last yearís camp seemed less exhausting.

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