Meet Chloe

Eva and I have adopted a new cat: This is her looking her best (which is rather unfortunate, aChloe's Faces we might wish that she would look considerably better). She was found 6 weeks ago on the side of the road, nearly dead. Since that time, she has been nursed back to health, put on some (but not nearly enough) weight, and tried to get run over by both a car and a horse.

Chloe’s Face

In any case, she is almost 4 pounds, and we’re hoping to fatten her up considerably over the coming months. We think a part of the issue is a hyperactive thyroid, which is making it difficult for her to gain weight. We now have her on thryroid meds, which we’re hoping will address most of her issues.

So, I’ve warned you, she’s very  thin, very underweight. Here is a more representative picture of her, which shows way too much of her skin and bones. She is looking a little bedraggled, despite the fact that this photo is after I gave her a bath and brushed her out (for the record, she hates baths).  We’ve named her Chloe. She is probably around 14 or 15 and seems quite social with people.

At this point, Chloe is still integrating into the household, and the other cats are not sure what to make of her. She is not so sure what to make of them either, though, so it seems to be ok.

Normally, I’d tell you more about her personality at this point, but we’re still getting to know her. She is so starved, that her personality seems to largely consist of needing huge amounts of sleep and not eating enough to make us happy (though she is always delighted when new food appears). We are looking forward to getting to know her better, and are excited to think that at some point her universe might expand beyond the 10 feet immediately around the food bowls, and down to the basement where the litter boxes are.

I am sure that there will be more details on Chloe in the weeks to come, as we nurse her back to health (we hope). But I figured I needed to give her a “coming out” post now.

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I’ve heard of odd cats that will tolerate baths, but I’ve never encountered one. Sometime I’ll have to tell you the story of when I projectile vomited on one of our cats and bathed her in the middle of the night while violently ill.

Best wishes for your health and that of Chloe.

Chloe update: The thyroid meds seem to be starting to kick in. This morning when I came downstairs she made it very clear that she was hungry* and wanted food NOW! This is the first demand she has made of us. So, she is both coming out of her shell and getting hungry.

*We are free-feeding dry food, but her teeth are bad, so crunchy meat crackers are not her favorite diet. I wet some dry food for her and David gave her wet food when he got up. Lest you think we are denying food to a starving cat.

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