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A Weekend Off and a Trip to the Yarn Store

I am enjoying two consecutive days off. It is the first time I’ve had too consecutive days off in longer than I can remember. It is the first weekend since June 7 – 8 when I haven’t had a bar/bat mitzvah or a wedding to perform. I actually went back to the beginning of May, and couldn’t find a weekend I’d had off. It turns out there is a reason I’m feeling a little run down.

I am, however, enjoying the time off. Yesterday, I took a gift certificate I was given for performing a bat mitzvah to a yarn store, and had a lovely time looking at yarns, fondling yarns, sniffing yarns, and planning.

I picked out a lovely purple laceweight merino (it varies between lavender and lilac) that I think I’ll be using for a tallit. Pictures will have to follow, though, because the cameras at CubeSpace and I am not–that whole weekend off thing. I also got one ball of a white laceweight wool which I’m thinking I might use to create stripes in the tallit. The next step is figuring out what kind of pattern to use for the tallit. I’m thinking something pretty lacy, but don’t yet have any concrete ideas.

I also bought my first Noro (Kureyon Sock Yarn). I’ve been admiring Noro yarn since I began visiting yarn shops some six years ago, but never had a good use in mind, or simply wasn’t willing to spend the money. But combine a gift card with a 20% off sale. . .and you’ve just got to try it. It has blues and purples, a little green and pink, and just the barest hint of orange. I’m really looking forward to knitting it and seeing how it turns out. Socks would be the obvious use for this, and I suspect that is where I’ll go, but it’s possible that something else will come up.

Finally, I bought a varigated skein of Alpaca Sox. I’ve worked with Alpaca Sox once before, as part of a shawl I made for Eva, and it is truly marvelous to work with. Soft and smooth, it justs runs through your fingers like water, but shows stitch definition really nicely. This will probably turn into socks, but it’s hard to tell beforehand.

All in all, I’ve got a good bit of knitting set up now. Small projects, large projects, all with lovely yarns and a high degree of excitement. First, however, I have to clear out some of my backlog of projects: a pair of broadstreet mittens (which because of their small size are great summer knitting), and maybe my pink/purple jacket. Also, there’s this baby blanket I want to knit for a friend who is about to pop. That should probably be something I start pretty much immediately.

In any case, lots of knitting available, which is nice. I spent about 3 hours yesterday watching the Red Sox being defeated by the Angels as I knit up a cuff on the first broadstreet mitten. What more could one ask of summer: baseball and knitting.