General knitting

The Shawl is Done!

After about 6 months, my pink pinwheel shawl is done. I am very excited.

It’s not blocked yet, so you can’t really see the pointy edging I put on, but I’ll definitely post more pictures once I block it.

I was concerned as I was working on this that it wouldn’t work out. I was concerned in all sorts of ways. For the last 5 days, since I started the edging, I’ve been convinced I would run out of yarn (though some time yesterday I relaxed when I realized I was okay). I’ve been concerned that it wouldn’t lie flat (it mainly does, and I think it really will once I block it). I was concerned that I wouldn’t like it (I do…a lot).

I think I’m planning to offer it for sale, to try to offset my yarn habit…though if I wind up keeping it as a wrap, I wouldn’t be heartbroken.

For more details about the construction, you can take a look at the ravelry page for the project: I’ve included the pattern for the edging there.

Have I mentioned I’m excited to have finished this?