Is this Summer?

I know the calendar says it is June 12, but for the last week it’s really felt more like winter than late spring. People have been walking into CubeSpace bundled up in fleece and hats. It’s been wet. And while this recent week has been extreme, it’s not like it’s been isolated. We really haven’t had much of that beautiful spring/summer  weather we cherish so much in Oregon.

There was that brief period of two or three days when the temperatures sky-rocketed up into the upper 90s (which was either in April or very early May), but it was such a fluke that it didn’t register as summer (especially because it went back to low 60s and rainy immediately thereafter).

So at this point, every time we get a blue sky, and the least bit of warmth, we’re wondering, “is this it? Is summer finally here?”

I see the endless waiting wearing on people. There is little of the late spring joy one so often sees in people hereabouts this year. Instead, there is a mopey-ness. A sense of waiting for the other shoe to drop. A sense that the universe has it in for us.

Nonetheless, I believe that summer will come. This mood will lift. Then, we will all be excited and play outside. In the meantime, we’ll all just have another cup of hot tea, and hope that we’re finally approaching summer weather.