Random Post

I’m trying to jumpstart my brain, and you, my unfortunate readers, are the victims of this exercise. The exercise is called: associations I have with pens, because, well, I’ll be listing associations I have with pens.

  1. gifts for bar or bat mitzvah.
  2. coffee stirrers.
  3. dowels to hold table together when you get desperate.
  4. status symbol.
  5. comfort object.
  6. luxury object.
  7. I love the way a smooth pen writes, and seems to just glide over the page. Conversely, I hate the way a low quality pen seems to scratch and catch with each stroke.
  8. Colors!
  9. something to hold pigs.
  10. Usually not particularly useful as a knitting needle, so what good are they anyway.

I do invite you to add any associations or stories of your own in the comments.

I am feeling slightly more awake. Not as much so as if I’d had caffeine (which I may, shortly), but not quite so brain dead as I have been, either. Tune in next time for a philosophical treatise on paper clips!