Starting the Second Sock

After over a week of searching for the cone of yarn for Eva’s second sock, I gave up and went back to Yarnia. Astonishingly enough, she still had the same yarns that I’d used to make the original yarn, and we were able to reconstruct it. Barely. I completely finished her second to last cone of the green, and she had to split the remaining cone of green between two cones to give me my two strands of the green. But she did it, and I have enough of this yarn, now, to make Eva’s second sock.

I’m really excited to be back to working on these socks. I felt a little stalled for the last week or so. I was making progress on the bedspread, and the shawl, but what I really wanted to be blasting forward on was Eva’s socks. And now I can.

So I’ve been magic looping my way around the toe. And I’m almost done with my increases. And I am finding it very satisfying to be able to work on this sock at last.