Working the Short Heel in Short Spurts

Today I (more or less) had a day off. Admittedly, I wound up doing far more than I intended, but it was mainly fun (the standing around overwhelmed in the grocery store? less fun). In between, I’ve been working on Eva’s socks, and specifically working on turning the short row heel. You know, a few rows at the pharmacy while the pharmacist clears up why the insurance company paid three dollars towards the prescription I was picking up. . .for my cat (it was a mistake and I paid the extra $3, which I suspected I would have to once I pointed it out to him). A few rows while Mycroft had her yarn put on the cone at Yarnia. A few more rows at some other store, I think.

A better blogger than I would have lovely pictures of this heel for you today. In fact, a better blogger would have thought about taking pictures during any of a number of lovely spots of weather today, rather than now, as the sun is pretty much down. And of course, a better blogger would have a way to transfer said picture to the computer on which the post was being composed. This is all a long way to say, “no pictures. I’m sorry.”

Turning a short row heel is sort of interesting. I’m following the instructions in this pattern, and find it relatively easy, but a little disorienting. The odd part about short row heels is that you find yourself knitting fewer and fewer stitches each time back and forth. And as opposed to most ways of doing decreases or increases, where you wait a row between reductions, these happen fast. It sort of reminds me of the end of a game of pong, where the ball is moving faster and faster between the two ends of the screen.

Like most things, however, the short rows are about to start expanding again, and I’m going to have to strive to keep gaps from forming. I have yet to knit a pair of socks without gaps around the gusset type thingy. We’ll see if this goes better. I think the trick has something to do with learning to pick up the “wrapper along with the stitch”, whatever that means. I think I did it wrong last time, so I suspect I will ask some advice from the knitting mavens at CubeSpace.

Speaking of whom, Emily had her pattern published in the new edition of Knitty out today. Yay Emily! Check out her big family tree knitting design project here.