Too Many Projects, Not Enough Knitting

I’m currently working on at least 4 projects:

  1. A pair of socks for Eva.
  2. A pair of socks for me.
  3. A blanket/bedspread.
  4. A shawl.

Two of these projects are “large” (blanket and shawl) and two are relatively small (socks). I figured having projects of various sizes would be a good thing. It would mean that I would have a portable project when I needed it, a project that involves virtually no pattern work when I need brain-dead knitting, and good projects to get buried under when I’ll be sedentary for a while. But a problem has arisen.

It’s been a while since I’ve finished a project. Like over a month, I think. Which for me, is a long time. I finished one of my pair of socks, but then before I could start work on the mate, I wanted to get Eva’s socks out, because they are a birthday present for her…which was about a month ago. And the big projects are moving, just very, very slowly. All the more slowly because I have other projects going at the same time.

I knit, at a fundamental level, for the joy of the knitting itself. I do it because it relaxes me, because it helps me focus and because it helps me think. Oh, and because I like yarn.

I don’t knit for the finished object (for the most part). So I find it curious that I’m having this sense of wanting to finish an object. Nonetheless, there it is.

I could, of course, cast on a quick and dirty project just to do something I could knock out in under a week, but somehow starting a fifth project as a response to having too many projects going at once seems like the wrong answer. I’m not saying I won’t resort to it, just that I’m not resorting to it YET.

In the meantime, I’m about to the point where I get to make the short-row heal on the first of Eva’s socks, which suggests I’m making real progress on them.

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Ipod holders are the solution. If I can knock one out in a matter of hours, I know you can too. Of course, you don’t own an Ipod and you don’t need another project, but those are details. On the other hand, I seem to be caught in my own eddy of working on sock #2 and frogging back, so maybe you and I just need to hold hands and jump off the treadmill together.


I know what you mean about the paradox of knitting for the joy and relaxation of it and wanting to get something finished. I took up knitting again after a long hiatus simply for the relaxation of it and for a totally different break from the rigors of ministry. But I must admit that there are times when I feel compelled to finish things. Even when there’s no gift deadline or anything. I have to think it’s cultural, maybe. Thanks for your thoughts, David. I’m “purpledog” on Ravelry.

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