Jewish Spirituality

One Shabbat, Coming Up

This week, Shabbat will be a day of rest. I am not leading services this week, which is lovely. While I normally love to lead services, at the moment, I just want to collapse in a heap of relaxation. And the wonderful thing is, I will get to. Shortly.

It’s been, I believe, 2 weeks since I had a day off. I’m kind of looking forward to it. I won’t get much done, which is okay (at least mainly okay, or at least the way things are going to be whether it’s okay or not). But regardless of the household chores that need doing, they’re not happening in the next 24 hours. Nope. It’s Shabbat.

Maybe I’ll read a little. Or knit. If I get really inspired I might even read something non-fiction, but let’s not set expectations too high. The only reason I know that I plan to wake up in the morning tomorrow, rather than sleeping until mid-afternoon, is I’m pretty sure my coffee addiction won’t allow me to sleep that late.

A day off. A wonderful thing. Brought to you by the Torah (available in fine synagogues everywhere).