Work is Cutting into My Knitting Time

I hate it when this happens. I had two hours blocked out for knitting last night. In fact, I was going to work on the socks I had started yesterday. In order to create these two hours for knitting, I’ve gone so far to create a Knitting Night at CubeSpace on a weekly basis. And I’m about to begin knitting, when Eva says to me, “Can you finish writing this proposal for me?”

Now, the real answer to that question happened to be “no.” Not that I wouldn’t, rather that I was not capable of doing so at that time. Nonetheless, I did give it my best shot. I spent about two hours trying to reorganize the text, write transitions, answer questions and the like, all about something I know very little about. To make it worse, my brain was already a touch on the toasty side by 6:30 last night when I began.

On the bright side, Eva tells me what I did was useful, and got her to the next step. On the brighter side, this could result in money coming. I am fond of money, or at least of its uses. We approve of money coming in. Anything I can do to facilitate money coming in is a good thing. Yet trying to kick start my brain into gear last night was extremely painful. I tended to have 15 productive minutes followed by 15 minutes of staring at the screen trying to figure out what those little marks on it represented.

All of this is to say, that I didn’t get to knitting last night.

Today I am down in Salem at the congregation. Some days in Salem are slower than others, and today is not a slow one. I walked through the door planning on spending half an hour writing a different proposal for CubeSpace (which I felt guilty about, until I remembered that I spend at least 4 or 5 hours at CubeSpace a week working on congregational business, so turnabout seems like fair play). But the phone was ringing from the moment I walked through the door. In fact, pretty much as soon as I put down the receiver from the first call, there came a second call (which was great, because it was the necessary follow-up to the first call, completely coincidentally) but between the two calls it was pretty much an hour before I got to the proposal. And all of a sudden, the day is beginning to get a little squeezed with meetings.

On the bright side, tonight is a Temple Board Meeting. And one of the functions of Temple Board Meetings is to provide an opportunity for the rabbi to knit on the congregation’s time (I’m pretty sure that must be one of the functions of Temple Board Meetings, even though it never gets explicitly stated, I think it goes without saying). So tonight, I’ll get a chance to get some knitting done. Which will be a good thing.

When I go too long without knitting, I begin to notice a certain tension in my life, a certain trembling of the hands. Withdrawal doesn’t begin particularly painfully, no deep headaches like caffeine withdrawal, but over time it builds. Eventually, I start noticing everything that’s longer than it is wide and thinking, “I could use that as a knitting needle.” Anything that is vaguely fibrous begins to look like yarn. Pens, chopsticks, scotch tape. . .

And that’s when you know you have a problem. Addicted to the yarn. But I could quit any time I wanted. Really.

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