I Know I'm Sick When I Don't Knit

I spent the weekend sick. I’m feeling better now, but all weekend (except for when I was teaching Sunday School, or meeting with people at the congregation) I was lying down and sniffling. I used 1/3 of a bottle of Purrell hand sanitizer during that brief period on Sunday while I was up and about. It became a regular rhythm: sniffle, grab tissue, blow nose, toss tissue, sanitize hands. Repeat ad nauseum.

Worst of all, it was Eva’s birthday yesterday. Fortunately, she was gracious enough to suggest that we reschedule it for a time when I’m doing better. But I was planning on starting work on her socks for her birthday (made with the yarn I had created at Yarnia). But that didn’t happen, because I felt too sick to knit.

Besides feeling awful, one of the things about being sick is that it makes me not want to knit. So much of myself goes into whatever I’m knitting, that I don’t want to imbue my knitting with my sickness. I don’t worry about this at a literal level, but more at the metaphorical level. I figure the germs won’t survive the washing I give a garment when I block it, but I want the garments I make to be filled with good feelings, and positive emotional baggage, not the weight of germs overwhelming my system.

So it was a weekend when I mainly lay still, and got zero knitting done. On the bright side, I’m feeling better now.

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