WorkPlace Spirituality

Job Interviews and Spiritual Awareness

I’m having an interesting week: in my role at CubeSpace, I’m hiring and doing preliminary interviews; as a rabbi, I am being interviewed for a part time congregational position. I don’t know how common it is for someone to be sitting on both sides of the interview table during the same time period, but it’s an interesting perspective.

There are no huge revelations: I always try to be nice to people I interview, to give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s certainly not the case that I’ve ever forgotten what it’s like to be looking for work and how unsettled and desperate that can feel.

If anything, I’m a little less forgiving of interviewees who haven’t done their basic research. For instance, I have encountered the following:

  • Person who wanted to know why she should apply for a job that required her to do front desk work 10 hours a week (I haven’t a clue…you applied for the job, I didn’t go looking for you).
  • Person who, towards the end of a phone interview, asked, “What was the name of your company again?”
  • Person who wanted a “laid back environment,” where people wouldn’t be uptight about things like “showing up exactly on time.”

That said, I’ve also met some remarkable people. Some who are great, but not a great match for CubeSpace; and some who are great and will do well here (I believe).

[In the name of full disclosure, I should admit that a week has passed since I began this post, and I’ve actually hired someone in the interim, and we’re very excited about her starting.]

I, of course, am still early on in the process of my own interviews…but am enjoying the process enormously. Meeting with a committee was just a great conversation, and whether or not it results in a job, I found the experience fun and meaningful.