WorkPlace Spirituality

Smile and the World's a Better Place

I spent all day yesterday as an exhibitor at a trade show. I stood at a booth and waited for people to come up to me who wanted to talk about CubeSpace (or who wanted a pen, or who wanted to see what other swag (promotional products) they could get). It’s a really hard way to spend a day.

On the other hand, between the waiting, the conversations I had with people were often very energizing. I’m excited about CubeSpace,  and many of the people I spoke with were also. So between conversations, I was often able to smile widely at people walking by. Some of the people walking by were approaching with a smile on their faces. Others not. Some even looked grumpy. Yet, almost without exception, those whom I smiled at and who made eye-contact with me walked away smiling. Because I smiled at them, they smiled, and seemed happier.

I don’t know how much of an impact I made on anyone’s day yesterday. I feel like it was a very useful day for CubeSpace, which was the main point, but I’d also like to think I improved the day for other people who didn’t care about CubeSpace but felt somewhat better for receiving (exchanging) a smile with a stranger.