Jewish Spirituality

Blogging as Spiritual Practice

I have a line of Jewish prayer running through my head this morning: Modeh Ani Lifanecha, Melech Chai v’kayam, (I express my gratitude before you, living and eternal ruler). The phrase continues “because you have put my soul back into me in kindness, great is your faithfulness.”

Traditionally, Jews say this before getting out of bed in the morning. Eva and I try to remember, but in all honesty, remembering to do anything before getting out of bed in the morning when the alarm  goes off at 6AM is a bit of a stretch. In fact, remembering whether or not I’ve done it is a bit of a losing proposition for me.

Yesterday, I stopped and smelled a lilac bloom as I walked home from CubeSpace. For this, I am grateful. Modeh Ani Lifanechah…